06 Jun 2018

WVS-Brazil team begins WVS7 survey fieldwork!

In May-June, 2018 the WVS-Brazil team under the leadership of Henrique Carlos de Castro will complete the 7th wave of values study. This will be the 5th time WVS survey will take place in Brazil. Data for earlier surveys in wave 2 (1989-1993), 3 (1995-1998), 5 (2005-2008), and 6 (2010-2014) is available at the WVSA web-site.

This wave’s research is carried out on a similar way made in the previous ones: through a 290 query questionnaire, which attempts to identify socio-cultural and political characteristics on different countries. Those are cultural values, attitudes and beliefs about different topics - gender, family and religion. Also aims to spot experience of poverty, education and health, as well as security, social tolerance and perceptions about differences and similarities between societies and geographic regions. New questions were added to the seventh wave, as about justice, moral principles, corruption, migration, national security and more. Therefore, the questionnaire is segmented in 14 subsections in order to embrace all of these topics.

There will be done 2000 interviews in Brazil, distributed in 141 towns of 24 states plus the Federal District. The questionnaire application team is composed of about a hundred interviewers, intending to start the field work on May 16th and to closure on June 2nd, 2018.