06 Jun 2018

WVS-7 in Kazakhstan: Working meeting with the WVSA Secretariat

WVS-7 planning working meeting with the team of the Public Opinion Research Institute under the leadership of its Founding Director and the new WVS-7 Principal Investigator for Kazakhstan Dr Botagoz Rakisheva took place on May, 28, 2018.

WVS round 7 will begin in Kazakhstan in June 2018. The team will complete the survey by the end of August 2018. This survey will become the second round of the WVS research program to be conducted in Kazakhstan (first one took place in wave 6 in 2011); 1200 face to face interviews will be conducted in Kazakhstan within WVS7.

The team of the Public Opinion Research Institute applied for the membership in the WVSA research program in Fall 2017. The application has been approved by the WVSA Governing Board; proposal sample design corresponds with all WVS-7 requirements. WVS-6 questionnaires in Kazakh and in Russian as well as the WVS-7 questionnaire in Russian have been used to prepare the questionnaire translation for wave 7 in Kazakhstan. The remaining issues on the questionnaire tra