04 Jan 2018



One post-doc scholarship is vacant at the Chair of Political Culture Research (Prof. Dr. Christian Welzel), Department of Political Science and Center for the Study of Democracy, School of Cultural Sciences, Leuphana University.

The Postdoc Scholarship is targeted at researchers with a strong proficiency in quantitative methods and a visible record of comparative cross-national and/or time-series work on socio-psychological, socio-demographic, economic or institutional-political aspects of societal development. A background in modernization theory, theories of development, democratic theory, social/political/cross-cultural psychology, public opinion and survey research or political sociology is desirable. The Scholarship offers an excellent opportunity for postdoctoral career development through joint research activities and co-authored publications with Professor Welzel and the members of his research team in the doctoral program “Democracy under Stress” as well as in the Reinhart Koselleck Project “The Cool Water Condition: The Geo-climatic Origins of Western Civilization’s Emancipatory Dynamic” .

The Scholarship starts March, 1st, 2018 and will first be awarded for one year. It will be extended upon request, adding up to a maximum of three years. Periods with alternative financial support prior to the scholarship will be taken into account. No scholarship may be awarded to candidates who have already earned a post-doctoral degree. The scholarship is worth € 2,000 monthly (plus child benefit, if appropriate).

The scholarship also serves to explicitly qualify the recipient in the field of teaching. This implies giving tutorials and providing other advisory services for the Leuphana College and the Leuphana Graduate School for up to ten hours per week.

In addition, the scholarship entails continuous and active participation in the qualification program and the research colloquium. The prospective scholarship holder will be expected to have his or her place of residence in Lüneburg or its regional vicinity (at a managable distance for regualr comute).

For further information, applicants are welcome to contact Prof. Dr. Christian Welzel by E-mail at or (preferred).

Please send your application as a pdf document (only one attachment including all enclosures) marked “Postdoc at Welzel” via electronic mail, including the following documents:

  • Informal cover letter explicating how your background and skills meet the desired thematic focus and methodological requirements of this scholarship
  • CV including your previous research activities and study courses
  • Documentary proof of a doctoral degree earned at an accredited German academic institution or any equivalent qualification
  •  Relevant certificates regarding the academic qualification and successfully completed academic examinations
  • Exposé of the intended habilitation thesis (higher doctorate) comprising three to five pages, incl. workingtitle Exposé of the envisioned researchintended habilitation projects and publications comprising three to five pages, incl. workingtitel
  • A list of the major publications released in the last three years

Please note: All relevant university degree certificates and transcripts of record attached to your application have to be submitted in German or English.

Application deadline: January, 15th, 2018. 


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